IT Recruitment in Poland - how to find and hire the best talents

  • 08.07.2024 09:51

  • Aktualizacja: 12:54 12.07.2024

Nowadays every industry suffers from the shortage of quality professionals. Companies are fighting for qualified candidates. The IT industry also has highly skilled specialists shortage problem unfortunately. The rapid growth of technology means more and more tech talents are needed. However, it takes more and more time to recruit successfully professionals in Poland and other countries, too. As time means money, companies managers decide to entrust finding the best candidates to best recruitment agencies located worldwide. If you are interested in IT Recruitment Poland, Sowelo - a recruitment agency from Krakow - seems to be an ideal solution.

Let's introduce the headhunting agency. Sowelo has been providing recruitment services to both Polish and international customers since 2007. Based in the south of Poland, in a lovely historical city of Cracow, Sowelo offers various services - besides IT Recruitment Poland the offer contains Executive Search, Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Assessment and Talent Market Mapping. Its experienced talent hunters specialize in recruitment in IT/Telco, Renewable Energy, Professional Services, Finance and Banking areas.

Delivering world class recruitment services across Europe Sowelo has already over 180 satisfied clients and this number is constantly growing. Over 135 open projects, over 1600 delivered projects - numbers speak for themselves! Contact Sowelo team via email, phone or contact form on its website.

Innovative recruitment solutions by Sowelo

Offering innovative recruitment solutions Sowelo has already delivered professional workforce not only in Poland, but also abroad. If you are looking for well-educated, talented, versatile developers, Poland seems to be definitely a promised land! It is worth taking a risk and entering the Polish IT market because it means great success for your company. Polish programmers are recognized all over the world and Sowelo consultants will help you find them.

Why should you work with the Cracow team? There are lots of advantages of such cooperation, let's mention a few of them. First of all Sowelo Consulting offers its clients free due diligence and process mapping services. Secondly, they always design an overall recruitment strategy individually taking into account clients' requirements and preferences. Thirdly, they provide management of application tracking systems (ATS), pre-employment screening and management of offers and support with respect to necessary employment files and related Polish labor law regulations. Additionally, executive search and employer branding positioning are offered, too.

Let's focus on Sowelo's services for a while now. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a modern and convenient solution giving access to the best candidates possible and allowing to reduce staff turnover. Executive Search is the best way to deliver the most valuable candidates. It is aimed at identifying and reaching out high-class specialists effectively. Recruitment Process Assessment gives you the opportunity to work out the costs of wrong hiring decisions. Talent Market Mapping service makes it possible to discover all the available top IT talents for a particular position. IT Recruitment Poland is a perfect solution for investors interested in opening their business in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe. Find more details at Another service, Employer Branding, means building a positive image of a company on the labor market, presenting it as a perfect employer. Finally, IT Contracting service means providing customers with an appropriate number of external specialists for a predetermined length of time.

Top IT talents in Poland in 2024 - how to hire the best?

Set yourself up for success and use the service of IT Recruitment Poland. Cooperate with the Polish recruiters as they are second to none when it comes to finding the right candidates for the open positions in your company. A tailored overall strategy is the first step of cooperation. Describe your expectations for future employees and we will take care of the rest, saving you time and money.

It is always the client who decides how to hire IT staff, choosing between freelancers or a dedicated team of on-site specialists. As your recruitment partner Sowelo consultants will help you find the best possible path. You can always rely on us for advice on process optimization and cost efficiency as well as using cutting-edge tools.

Here we have to mention Sowelo's guarantee. To comply with highest standards and build long-term loyal relations with customers Sowelo provides all clients with a 3-6 month long guarantee. It means that every candidate recommended to the client and employed in client's company is within this guarantee. If for some reason the candidate does not meet the expectations or resigns from the positions within the mentioned above period of 3-6 months, Sowelo finds another highly qualified candidate at no additional cost.

IT Recruitment Poland specialists awarded

Numerous awards confirm the high quality of Sowelo Consulting's services. So far the agency has been awarded the title of Business Cheetah 2021 and 2023. In 2022, Sowelo was recognized as one of the best Clutch companies in the world. In addition, Sowelo is one of the partners of InHunt Group, Finland's largest headhunting company. The group brings together top recruitment agencies from more than 30 countries.

If you are looking for candidates for mid to senior positions in your company, check the case studies available on Sowelo's website. You can also find lots of examples of delivered projects as well as the information in what areas the team specializes. Summing up, do not hesitate to reach out to Sowelo and you will soon realize that entering the Polish market is a piece of cake with Polish recruiters from Krakow. Take advantage of their professional experience and achieve your goals.